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How to Create a WordPress Feature Box (Tactic From NutritionSecrets)

WordPress Feature Box

Is a 500% increase in email subscribers worth a few minutes of your time?

Over the past few days I’ve spent 10+ hours figuring out how to add the perfect WordPress feature box to my website when I should have been applying for remote jobs.

That’s right, we’re talking about the full-width email opt-in box above the content and sidebar of a website.

I know, I know… I really should’ve used focus and massive action tactics so I could have stayed on task with my priorities for the week, but the WordPress feature box is so compelling that I just couldn’t help myself.

This chart says it all.

Feature Box Signups

This data from Social Mouths shows that their feature box has the highest opt-in rate of any of their email signup forms.

The feature box is powerful for two key reasons:

  1. It’s above the fold (visible without scrolling), making it prominent and impossible to miss
  2. It makes the purpose of your site ridiculously clear

Let’s take a look at NutritionSecrets.com.

Neil Patel created this site as part of his $100,000 Challenge.

The challenge?

To get to $100,000 in revenue per month within twelve months of launching the site.

Neil is whipping out every marketing tactic he thinks will propel him to victory — and the feature box is a key component.

After reading comments, following his progress, and seeing how quickly his revenue stream is growing, I scoured the internet and analyzed his site to figure out how I could recreate a feature box for my WordPress site exactly like Neil Patel’s NutritionSecrets feature box.

Here’s how to create your own feature box, regardless of whether or not you’re looking to copy NutritionSecrets.

How to Create a WordPress Feature Box

OPTION 1 – Install a WordPress theme that comes with a feature box

You’ve got options when it comes to WordPress themes. If you want the Genesis framework, check out the Generate Pro theme ($99 for theme + framework).

If you’re more inclined towards the Thesis framework (what this site uses), consider using the Social Triggers skin ($164 for skin + framework).

If you’re not sure which framework is for you, check out this comparison here.

What’s nice about this option is that everything is “out of the box.” The biggest downside is that you’re tied to the framework, so if you decide to go with a different framework or theme later on, you could lose the feature box.

OPTION 2 – Download the Plugmatter Optin Feature Box plugin for WordPress ($37)

Want to keep your current theme and still add a feature box? Install this plugin and you’re good to go.

After some back and forth with their support team, I found that their feature box will go “full width” so that it spans the entire sides of the page, just like NutritionSecrets.com.

I like this option because it’s cheap, customizable, and easy to set up.

But honestly, I like it mostly because of the ability to go full width, which looks really sharp.

OPTION 3 – Create your feature box yourself

Tight on cash?

There are some online guides and video walk-throughs you can attempt if you’re up for the challenge.

Just be careful if you start playing around with the PHP on your site. Messing that up could have severe consequences (like your site not working).

OPTION 4 – Hire a freelancer to code your feature box

This is actually a lot easier than you might think — and it’s surprisingly affordable from what I hear.

Go to Upwork.com and post a job titled something like “Add Feature Box to My WordPress Site” and make sure to tag the appropriate skills involved (web development) and give it a budget (price). Start with $50 to see if you get any proposals. You can increase the budget for the job until you get a qualified proposal.

I’m actually considering this right now for WWW, but this option does require careful due diligence in selecting a qualified developer who has solid reviews/ratings.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to create a super high-quality feature box that looks something like the one on NutritionSecrets.com, option 4 is your best best. But the Plugmatter feature box is pretty tempting…

PS – If you’re trying to re-create the style or structure of NutritionSecrets.com, here’s a link to the theme Neil installed.

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