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What to Put in Your Backpack When Traveling Light

What to put in your backpack

Welcome to your new home… your backpack.

This sturdy, lightweight contraption is your new friend and travel companion.

You guys will get along great if you plan ahead and pack appropriately.

But try to cram in everything you own plus the kitchen sink and… things might get a little rocky.

Minimalism is the lifestyle of choice for digital nomads and world travelers. No need to pack everything, just exactly what you need.

When figuring out what to put in your backpack, remember that airlines have size limits for carry ons.

Use The Impact Test to whittle your packing list down.

Here’s a list of everything I’m bringing:

Plus a few small items for staying fit while traveling.

I’m using packing cubes to keep everything organized and a nylon sac for holding toiletries. I wasn’t convinced I needed them at first but now that I have them I’m never going back.

Total weight: 28 lbs.

Ditch the fitness gear and you’ll shave off about 4 lbs.

Don’t forget that most small items and toiletries can be purchased after you arrive.

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