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3 Powerful Ways to Fight Fears, Uncertainties, and Stress


I’m going to go ahead and admit this right now… I’m scared.

  • I’m scared I might not be successful in building a business.
  • I’m worried I’m going about things the “wrong way.”
  • I’m afraid I’m going to run out of money before I develop an income stream from my business.

Being a solopreneur (or solo-wantrepreneur), I have only myself to blame if I fail.

And that’s SUPER scary.

Last month I made a public commitment to my friends and family that I would build a profitable business this year or I would stop calling myself a “wantrepreneur” and start calling myself an “employee” (implying that I had failed and would go back to working for someone else).

Facebook Public Commitment to Creating a Business


That’s friggin’ scary.

Now I have the pressure of knowing that my friends, family, and peers all know what I’m attempting to do.

If my attempt isn’t successful by the end of this year… I’ve failed. Publicly.

Every day I wake up with the knowledge that I have 8-10 hours of solid work time that can either help me get closer to my end goal, or push me further away if I get distracted.

And with that in mind, I want to share with you 3 ways I fight fears, combat stress, and deal with uncertainties.

3 Powerful Ways to Fight Fears, Uncertainties, and Stress

#1 – Create a Roadmap

Here’s my roadmap for 2016.

Roadmap for 2016

Granted this is just a 1st stab and the dates could change (who am I kidding, at this stage, even the PHASES might change), but it’s a breath of fresh air to look at this timeline and appreciate that this is a process and I’m not going to build a business overnight.

BTW – if you’ve built an online business before, or if you’ve created your own timeline, please share thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. I’m new to this and would appreciate your input.

So now you’ve got a roadmap and you’re feeling like you have a little more breathing room, what else can you do?

#2 – Write Down Your Reasons for Starting a Business

Why did you get into this in the first place?

Are you chasing freedom? Money? The ability to control the direction of your life? Because you’re passionate about your business idea? Because you want to change the world?

Write these down.

Actually writing it down with a pen and paper makes it feel more real than simply typing it.

Some of my reasons include:

  • I want the freedom to work on things I find interesting or valuable
  • I want to make money online so I can travel and work without having to be in an office
  • I want to create things that help people

Your values, your vision for the future, your mission, your goals… these all serve as your guiding light.

So the next time you’re fighting your fears and uncertainties, go back to this paper or document and remind yourself why it’s all worth it.

#3 – Exercise

Now you might not be a fitness fanatic and you might not think you have the time to dedicate towards such a physical pursuit, but trust me: exercise is 1000% worth it.

I start almost every morning with a 30 or 60 minute workout.

By tracking my workouts in a fitness journal (I just use a composition book) I get a sense of progress and momentum as I continue to push my limits and build physical fitness.

The best part? Endorphins.

After 30 minutes of P90X I’m already feeling better about my day, my work, heck–even my life!

Cardio, abs, strength training — mix it up and do whatever works for you.

The point is to get your body moving and to get your brain to release those tasty little neurotransmitters that make you feel awesome. There are over 20 types of endorphins and one type is even stronger than morphine.

So now you’ve got:

  1. A sense of control (your roadmap)
  2. A sense of purpose (your reasons)
  3. A sense of well-being (your endorphins)


That’s like… a life stack or something.

How do you fight fears, uncertainties and stress?

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