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High Quality Remote Jobs: The ONE Website to Go To

Remote Jobs

Consider the following scenario: you’re an entrepreneur or digital nomad and you want to find a high quality remote job that will enable your location-independent lifestyle (and possibly fund your business endeavors.)

You need a job that’s flexible enough to accommodate your unpredictable schedule (and possibly varying time zones), but you want the predictable income and fair compensation typically associated with a traditional office job.

Shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

You comb through Craigslist postings, but it’s hard to tell what’s legit and what isn’t. And some of the job postings are downright sketchy.

You search Upwork and find plenty of remote jobs, but most job budgets are puny.

$250/mo for a full-time writing commitment? That’s way less than minimum wage in the U.S. To earn serious money here you’re going to need to crush jobs and work your way up to a stellar profile with lots of logged hours and phenomenal reviews.

You’ve heard of Fiverr, so you head over that way only to find that compensation for initial work with a client starts at $5 (hence, the name). Yeah they have remote jobs, but… Ouch.

There seems to be an awful lot of ways to make a little money.

What’s next? High-Fiverr?

I can see it now… High-Fiverr: do work, earn high fives (who needs money anyways?)

Yeah, I’ll pass.

Where are all the remote jobs that pay well, offer flexible hours, and come with colleagues who are normal, cool people who you’d actually get along with?

After spending the past few weeks searching… I’ve found them. And I have to admit, I almost didn’t want to share this resource because it’s so damn awesome that I didn’t want to have more competition in landing one of the jobs listed there… fortunately for you, this blog isn’t trafficked so highly yet that I deem it a legitimate concern 😉

Drumroll please…

High Quality Remote Jobs: The ONE Website to Go To


This is starting to sound like a sales pitch, so before I go any further, I want to note that I have no affiliation with RemoteOK.io whatsoever.

I don’t work for them, I’m not using an affiliate link, and I don’t know anyone who works there.

So why am I writing a whole post dedicated to this one website?

Let me tell you why I think they’re friggin’ awesome:

1. They curate remote jobs exclusively.

If you’re a digital nomad or location-independent entrepreneur, this is exactly what you want.  No more reading through job posts online to find the so-called “remote” job actually requires a once-a-week in-person presence.

2. They don’t charge the job seeker.

Whatever you make is your money, they wont take a cut.

3. They do charge the job poster.

At $200 per job post, they weed out the riffraff and keep it professional. For example, WordPress, Automattic, Toptal, Buffer, Baremetrics, and Zapier have all recruited using RemoteOK.io.

4. They have a stupid simple filter feature.

Not the technical type? Click “non-tech” to get a list of all non-tech jobs sorted by most recent posting.

5. They offer a daily/weekly/monthly email update.

Too lazy to go back to the site each day? Just check your inbox.

So this all sounds great on paper, but what about the actual jobs themselves? A great user-interface and well-designed tool is nice and all, but only if it actually delivers great job opportunities.

Here’s my personal experience:

Day 1 – (checking out RemoteOK.io): Checked out 4 job postings, applied to 2 of them.

Day 2 – (thinking RemoteOK.io is pretty cool): Found a number of job posts that looked appealing, applied to 3 of them. Already heard back from one company and scheduled a phone call.

Day 3 – (liking RemoteOK.io a lot): Have heard back from another company and scheduled a Skype call.

Day 4 – took a break to focus on creating a business.

Day 5 – (officially a RemoteOK.io fan): Had my first phone call, went really well. Was invited to do a followup video call.

Day 6 – (now a RemoteOK.io evangelist): Had a Skype video call with a different company and was for all intensive purposes offered the job (just have to finalize compensation).

That’s just six days from discovering that RemoteOK.io was a thing to basically having an offer in hand.

And the job isn’t just any job — it’s an awesome digital marketing job working with someone who’s friendship circle includes the founder of Starbucks. A little more promising than getting $5 for creating an ebook cover on Fiverr, eh?

OK, OK… I don’t want to leave you completely biased against Fiverr and Upwork. To be fair, Fiverr can be a client acquisition strategy: once you get a customer in the door with a cheap $5 job, you can then up-sell them on something more profitable.

And Upwork can be a solid source of jobs if you’re proactive, manage your profile impression well, and really hustle to get jobs and stellar reviews from customers.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if you’re trying to get a high quality remote job, one that’s flexible, pays fair wages, and is from an interesting company, start with RemoteOK.io.

And if you’re not satisfied with your results — which I seriously doubt will happen — or you have spare time to throw at the job hunt, Fiverr and Upwork (and Freelancer and Craigslist and all the other platforms out there) will still be there.

Good hunting.

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  • Aaron March 31, 2016, 8:09 pm

    This is awesome. Thanks for the resource. Let’s not tell anyone else about it though. Ok?

    • Charles Johnson April 1, 2016, 12:37 am

      Definitely – can’t let it spread too much.

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