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Create a Business Challenge: September Update

Debt Book Table of Contents

After a week in San Diego for a personal finance conference (where I met Pat Flynn and Noah Kagan–more on that in the next post), I’m now living in Barcelona, Spain.

As noted in the last business challenge update, I’m working on a “get out of debt” ebook.

The goal? To launch it THIS MONTH.

I spent most of September in Vietnam, where I literally locked myself in my apartment and forced myself to push through each page of my first draft. It was painful, it was slow, but it’s done.

Here’s Where the Book Stands Today

  • 1st draft complete (90 pages in Google Doc)
  • 25 “verbal” buyers (they’ve indicated they want to buy the book)
  • Currently working on big revisions / moving content around

The value proposition and positioning of the book continues to evolve, but the problem/solution is absolutely clear:

THE PROBLEM: Paying off debt is hard. People usually know what they need to do (cut costs, increase income) but they don’t know how to achieve the behavior change they desire.

THE SOLUTION: Teach people behavior change and motivation boosting tactics. Focus on behavior, not knowledge.

Too many articles and posts talk about interest rates, refinancing, pinching pennies, and budgeting. Too few discuss the actual real-world steps necessary to alter the inertia developed over a lifetime of wealth-hindering influences.

This book won’t go into the nuances of one student loan type vs. another. And it won’t cover refinancing options and loan consolidation. Instead, it’ll lay out a step-by-step action plan for building massive wealth generating momentum.

I’m super excited about the potential impact of this book! I’m only including tools and resources I’ve personally used and had great results with, and the action steps are tactics I’ve used to boost momentum, achieve massive income gains, and dramatically reduce expenses.

Here’s What’s Going to Happen Next

There’s a lot to do between now and the product launch. Whether or not I launch this month depends on how well I focus on the crucial tasks and don’t get distracted by ancillary work.

What needs to happen next:

  • I need to finish high level revisions/edits
  • I need to re-write to improve the content
  • I need to edit and improve clarity / ease of reading
  • I need to hire someone to create the book cover
  • I need to hire someone to professionally edit the content
  • I need to test various book titles

I’ve budgeted funds for the last 3 bullet points. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is common advice but that doesn’t stop people from skipping the books on Amazon that look like crap.

Professional editing is a no-brainer. I have little writing experience and my thoughts get jumbled as I throw things around on the page.

As for testing book titles, I’m going to go the Tim Ferriss route. Tim tested 6 different book titles using Adwords: each title was a different ad headline, the book subtitle was the ad text. For $200, he found that the 4 Hour Work Week was the most clicked on ad by far.

BTW, if you’re considering writing an ebook or Kindle book, or are already writing one, check out Write Book, Make Money by David De Las Morenas. It’s a “how to” guide on creating an ebook and I’ve found it really helpful as I go through the various stages of creating and launching this product.

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