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Digital nomad in Spain

Do you want a SUPER high quality of life while you live abroad as a digital nomad? Consider Spain as a top choice for your new home base. The food, culture, and people make this European destination a top pick for nomads who want an amazing lifestyle. It’s not quite as cheap as the typical… Continue Reading

Traveling while making money online

Wouldn’t it be great to see the world while making money online? I just landed in Barcelona, Spain. As I sit in the airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Sevilla, I’ve been reflecting on the lifestyle I’ve embraced. As a “digital nomad,” I travel the world while making money online. In many ways it’s… Continue Reading

Wouldn’t it be great to transition seamlessly between phases of life? To efficiently switch from one path, to the next, with no loss of productivity in-between? From a logic standpoint, we might plan our life like this – trying to maximize results and minimize downtime – but unless you’re Spock, your life is likely to… Continue Reading

Quarter life crisis

If you’re experiencing a crisis of any sort, first, listen to this. [2 min] What is meaningful in life? How should I spend my time? What will make me happy and fulfilled? These questions are critically important, yet many of us don’t seriously consider them until something forces us to. A divorce, the ending of a relationship, the loss… Continue Reading

Save with SMS

What if you could save more money by texting someone? After seeing many of my friends fail to budget (and consequently lose control of their finances), I’ve decided to launch a new experiment… Introducing, Save With SMS Here’s how it works: You sign up and schedule a call with a Spending Coach Together, you figure out a spending / saving… Continue Reading

beautiful woman is using her laptop computer in front of a bookcase

Have you ever taken an online business course? I have. In the past couple years I’ve spent thousands of dollars on online business courses, all with the hope of giving myself an “edge”, or uncovering new and powerful methods for building innovative (or at least profitable) businesses. The allure of secret knowledge, uncommon methods, and silver… Continue Reading

Learn from others

When was the last time you got help from someone who had first-hand experience with what you were working on? Mentors and advisers are important, but sometimes a “subject matter expert” (SME) is really what you need when trying to crush a challenging goal. In working on my book Debt Destroyer, I discovered just how critically important… Continue Reading

Kindle Sales Chart

What up 2017?! Meet Charlie Johnson, aka author of Debt Destroyer…. You can get the book on Amazon here. The last few months flew by as I raced to write, edit, and launch my “get out of debt” book. I know I’m an ass for not sharing updates along the way, but my silence was due… Continue Reading


I was in San Diego at FinCon16 a couple weeks ago and I learned some crazy effective tactics that I need to share with you. If you haven’t heard of it, FinCon is a finance conference that brings people together from all around the world to talk about money. The event attracted a number of big names, and two of… Continue Reading

Debt Book Table of Contents

After a week in San Diego for a personal finance conference (where I met Pat Flynn and Noah Kagan–more on that in the next post), I’m now living in Barcelona, Spain. As noted in the last business challenge update, I’m working on a “get out of debt” ebook. The goal? To launch it THIS MONTH… Continue Reading